Framers Friday: Squares

52Frames: Squares

Squares and Stripes and Triangles, Oh My!

This is on my design wall at the moment. The pattern is called “The Gypsy Wife Quilt”.

I only have four sections sewn together and I need to make six more sections. Once I have all ten sections sewn, I will need to sew each of the sections together to make the quilt top.

My Runner-up Picture:


The rulers are squares not to mention the pegboard dots are in squares.

Note: This challenge is week 32 of the year. To see all the submissions, including mine, go here.  Warning! There are 718 pictures in this album.  A person can only submit one picture for the week. This means 718 people participated this week.  By the way, there are some awesome pictures in that album!



Woman {FMF Word Prompt}

Circa 1970

I loved wearing the beautiful gorgeous girly outfits Mother made when I was a little girl. I especially adored one with an appliqued cat on the front. She even made some matching outfits for one of my dolls. Mother tried to instill in me the primp and proper way of being a girl.

Most of the time, I just could not be bothered. I’d rather be running amok outdoors climbing trees, riding the bike and going skating on the sidewalk. I didn’t want to have to worry about exposing my panties to a bunch of boys.  So, I quietly stole upstairs one day and snatched some old jeans from my brothers.  I kept stealing them until my Mother gave in.  Mother didn’t want me in the kitchen anyway.  So, I think she was secretly happy that I was outdoors getting fresh air and out of her hair.

I remembered receiving a child’s iron, ironing board, broom and mop one Christmas when I was very young.  I was not impressed.  However, one of my brothers saw the disappointment on Mother’s face, jumped in, and started playing with them.  I got the idea it could be fun.  But, I also kept getting the feeling something was wrong by the expressions on my folks.  So, I jumped in and started playing with the items too.

What’s wrong with a girl who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty? What’s wrong with a boy who loves cooking? There is absolutely nothing wrong with either one.  But, back then, you had to fit the mold society demanded.

I am a woman who doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. I was in heaven when two old great Uncles let me help them with an old tractor they were trying to fix.  I was out of the house and happy as can be.  They put things in my hands and were amazed I did not mind getting my hands dirty.  They also made sure I understood.  I learned a few things that school and books would have not taught me.

I am a woman eschewing makeup.  Growing up with shouts of “Mom, hurry up” while she is doing her hair and putting on her make-up left an impression on me.  No one liked waiting. I’ve always hated the feeling of makeup on my face. And besides,  I had no patience for those things and still don’t.

I am a woman who let her hair go natural.  However, I have colored the tips of my hair in purple a few times in the recent past.   I have always felt women who have bright pink, green, or purple hair are bold, brave and beautiful.  At least, I can be two out of three.


Circa: the early 1970s



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Framers Friday: Guess What it is!

52Frames: Guess What it is!

Random Mess

This was the third thing I shot for this challenge. Scroll down below my signature tag for the answer.  Don’t cheat unless you absolutely have to.  By the way, this qualified for the extra credit: Nature.

The following was a very close runner-up:


This was the last (fourth) thing I shot for the challenge.

Scroll down below my signature tag to see the answer.

I think I will post my other runner-ups in separate blog posts which are usually on Wednesdays.  Y’all will have to guess what it is! Ha!

Note: This challenge is week 30 of the year. To see all the submissions, including mine, go here.  Warning! There are 716 pictures in this album.  A person can only submit one picture for the week. This means 716 people participated this week.  By the way, there are some awesome pictures in that album!


The first picture above is a mess of Barn Swallow poop with a fallen feather.  They raised two broods over the front door this year.

The second picture is part of a breather on an antique car.  Shot at a car show in Sutherland Springs, Texas. If only it had been two days later. It would have qualified for this week’s 52Frames: Squares challenge!


Anniversary {FMF Word Prompt}

My Dad, Circa 2008

When people think of anniversaries, they think of happy events like wedding anniversaries.  Birthdays can be even considered as the anniversary, a celebration, of one’s birth.  But, the one anniversary that still stands out in my mind is the day my father passed away.

The “unphotographable moment” I wrote years ago is still accurate.

This is a memory forever engraved upon my mind of watching a man lying on a hospital bed with an oxygen mask having difficulty breathing slipping off to forever sleep under the influence of morphine all the while I am mentally screaming “That’s my Daddy. That’s my daddy. Oh daddy”. 1, 2

I still scream mentally whenever the memory is revisited. But, the pain of his death has eased.

The agony of what I went through prior to, during, and after this event still weighs heavily upon my soul.  I wish I knew what my Dad said to Dan (my husband) as we said our goodbyes.  I was present; but, I am deaf.   Dad’s oxygen mask prevented me from reading his lips.  A niece was present also.  I asked her what Dad was saying to Dan.  She refused to tell me and kept saying I should ask my husband.  I did ask him (Dan).  He didn’t want to talk about it at that time.  And later, he stated he did not remember.

I’m not blaming Dan.  I honestly believe he had blacked out those memories.   It was a horrid time.  However, I absolutely hate people denying me the right to know what was said.    Mother’s constant refrain, “never mind”, throughout my life runs like a torrent through my soul.  It bugs me how I’m often left in the dark.

I digressed.

There were some family issues going on during this time.   At that time, I couldn’t be bothered.  It got worse when someone came over to my mother’s house after Dad passed away to specifically talk to me.  As a result, my mind and spirit were shattered.

Dad had not even been buried yet and I was caught up in some drama.  I didn’t know what was going on or who to believe concerning certain events.  I had to do some investigative work and, as a result, caught someone in a lie.  In addition to grief, I was angry.  Due to all of this and more going on, I couldn’t properly grieve at Dad’s funeral.

divider-clipart-divider_line_medNote:   There are so many holes in this piece of writing.  Five minutes of writing may be therapeutic and a good exercise, but it’s not enough.  For example, I did eventually process all that happened even if I don’t understand the drama (the whys and the wherefores) between certain people.  

  1. My dad passed away January 13, 2009
  2. The Unphotographable memory was written in May 2011




Framers Friday: The 5 Elements

The Five Elements of Grilling

Preparing to use the grill to smoke food.

Metal: grill, chimney starter.
Earth: land, pavers.
Wood: chips in a bowl, hardwood charcoal.
Fire: from the charcoal.
Water: is not quite evident but the wood chips are soaking in water.

Here is my runner-up:

No Title

Fire: Candles
Water: Blue Water with Ice
Metal: Locks, Keys, Bracelet, Coins
Earth: Sandstone we found (and kept) buried on our land, Potting Soil, Sand
Wood: Bark from two different trees

For this picture, I intentionally created the circle of Five Elements often depicted in graphs and images.

Note: You can see the 52Frames album here.  There are 744 pictures. This means 744 people participated this week.  You can check out their Instagram page here for the highlights of the album.  Usually, the Instagram account is different from the album and the committee picks.