Framers Friday: Fabric

When I Said I Do…

…I Didn’t Mean Laundry.

I had this idea percolating in my head for some time. It didn’t quite turn out as I envisioned. I wish I had more time & inclination (my poor self didn’t like getting up & down) to make this a more perfect image. I hope you found humor in this image. It’s tough to get everything nice with only yourself as a model!

Thanks to Yosef for his how-to rig anything video. Something clicked in my head while watching it. With some bolts, screws, a piece of wood, & a center column from a tripod, I was able to rig a system to hang my camera from the ceiling of my studio (formerly the garage now sewing/crafting/photog space) with the help of my husband.


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Kinetic Light Painting: Water Fountain

Downtown Seguin, Texas

My first outing with a Gimbal. I had a lot of fun creating these images.  Six turns at 60 degrees. The results are extremely busy due to the lights in the surrounding trees.  Despite that, I love these images.  For the second image, I intentionally waited for the water to turn purple before uncapping to expose for approximately a second. As a result, it was an extremely long exposure. The last image is a quick shot of the actual water fountain.



Remedy {Five Minute Fridays}

Abby Gail

Foreword: I ended up writing short descriptive paragraphs this morning.  It was written quickly. If I had time, I would play with it more.


Abby Gail quietly sat beside me on the table earlier which is a huge no-no1.  I ignored her. She proceeded to stand on my arm with one paw. I inwardly laughed and continued to ignore her. She then gently pawed my cheek. She knows me all too well. 

I opened up my arms and she sat in front of me. I closed my arms around her gently and lifted her a few inches with my left while she placed her paws on my right shoulder and rested her head.  I stroked her with my right hand and she vibrated hard from her purrs2. When she spied birds at the feeders through the back door window, she chattered loudly telling me all about them.

When she had enough attention, she gently pushed away to let me know and I let her go.3 


Her vibrating purrs combined with her chattering is an interesting mixture of sensations. This often gives me contentment knowing she’s happy.  

  1. I knew she wanted attention; so, I tend to spoil her during these times. 
  2. This routine happens regularly. I cherish these times as she’s not a lap kitty.
  3. The “remedy” in this descriptive short piece of writing is my response to her “demands” for attention.




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Share Four Somethings: April

Foreword:  I came across this idea when I read a Five Minute Friday’s neighbor post (via link party) which was inspired by another link party at Heather Gerwing: Living the Full Life!  This is done at the end of every month.  I decided to give this a try (without participating in the link parties).

Something Loved

  • Rain!  It finally rained — a nice long gentle shower which the land sorely needed.

Something Read (or Said)

  • Read (paraphrased): “When Jesus is in the same boat, it’s unsinkable.” ~52 Weeks with Jesus; 3.13
  • Random Thought: “Even if I fail, I’m not a failure.”

Something Treasured

  • A Memory: Seeing a Redwing Blackbird on our property for the first time in years.
  • 52Frames: An image of mine made 52 Picks Album

Something Ahead

  • Guests are coming.


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Framers Friday: Nature

Loggerhead Shrike

Here is what I wrote:

I actually was trying to get some pictures of a Black-chinned Hummingbird that frequently rests on this bird feeder pole when a Loggerhead Shrike swooped in. This intensely surprised me as they usually stick to the back of our property. I quickly snapped a few images before he swooped down to the ground for a bug and flew off. I immediately knew I might have THE image even though this isn’t a hummingbird. I was intensely pleased upon viewing this on the computer. This is the first time I was able to “capture” a very decent image of one of these shrikes. Patience often wins out. FYI: I used a tripod and an intervalometer. I set it all up (on pavers no less). I waited patiently indoors & press the trigger whenever I spied a bird.



Broken {Five Minute Friday}

I’m having a difficult time writing this morning. What do I write about all the while keeping in mind my potential readers who I have no desire to hurt.  Sometimes, it’s not easy to just let the words flow.  When the words finally began to flow, I was intentionally vague as I didn’t want anyone to feel targeted all the while hoping it still made sense.  As a result, I felt the need to remind everyone that this is just free writing. This is my personal space I share with the world.  It’s all therapeutic.

divider-clipart-divider_line_medI am learning to abide in the Lord and wait upon Him. Just the other day, Instead of doing a difficult thing I knew I needed to be done, I prayed asking for guidance. I received signs throughout the morning that now is the time to wait. I had to ask, “then when Lord”?

It’s a hard thing to wait at times.

There is so much in my life that seems broken including relationships. Can they ever be mended? With certain folks, as long as I stand up for myself to be heard, I doubt it. At this moment, I can only pray hoping life is treating them well.

All that aside, in looking back, I see personal progress, I’m becoming. I’ve come a long way since the first word I boldly published. I still have a long ways to go.

It’s never too late… for anything.divider-clipart-divider_line_med

The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.
~Psalms 34:18 [NIV] ~



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Framers Friday: Edited by Someone Else

Note: The original image is at the bottom of this post

Clouded Yellow on Maroon Blanketflower

Here is what I wrote:

I was sitting in a patch of some yellow wildflowers snapping pictures when a few Clouded Yellows (Colias croceus) showed up. I snapped a few pictures & ended up going to the back of my property where a patch of wild Maroon Blanketflower (Gaillardia amblyodon) is flowering. These butterflies are skittish critters; but, if you sit calmly & patiently, they’ll ignore you. It was cloudy. I knew it was going to get progressively worst throughout the week (& it did). So, I just hoped for the best praying that the timing of the shutter coincides with the split second they’re still. I managed to get a few decent pictures.

Edited by Dan (my husband). He also cropped & upscaled

The original:



Permission {Five Minute Friday}

divider-clipart-divider_line_medI rarely permit myself to do more than gather breakfast before sitting at the computer to write. I like to ponder upon the word and pray before I do much of anything else.

I think this stems from the desire to have nothing influence me1 or my writing. There are times when I hit a wall and thus, I will seek out quotes and whatnot for inspiration to jumpstart my written words. More often than not, my writing will deviate from the original quote(s) and thoughts I’d encounter. I just let the words flow through me.

Once my internal time is up, I often go back, review and edit/correct anything and add superscripts if needed. After all, this isn’t just my private journal, this is a public space where anyone can view and read. At the very least, I want it to be legible.

If I’m concerned about others, I will recruit my husband to read what I’ve written and he’d give me his opinion. He often said “that’s deep”; but, he rarely tells me to not post. He would advise me to change a word here and there to make it more obscure as to not give recognition to certain folks or groups which is what I often desire. 


  1. The exception to this is the Holy Spirit.