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A Beautiful Sunrise

There was a glorious sunrise on January 11th! I tried to capture the beauty of the sunrise in spite of the cloud cover which had purplish hues.  I am just keeping it real as I could have attempted to get rid of the electrical poles and the wires as they are a distraction.


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Better {Five Minute Friday}

I haven’t had much time to ponder upon the Five Minute Friday’s word prompt over this past weekend.  So much has happened in the past couple of days which consumed my thoughts.  And, I woke up later than usual this morning which is why this post is later than usual.

The big and little things can cause me to veer off course for days.  But, I am determined to stay on track.  It’s better a little late than never and shoddy over perfect.  I’ve learned this lesson of consistency via 52Frames.

As always, links and graphics are added after writing. Enjoy.


I’m hoping things would be better in the year 2019.  It’s already off to a rough start.  I’m thankful for stumbling across the Bullet Journal system as it set me on a course to a healthier me.

My bullet journal is an adaptation of this system and it’s currently working for me.  However, I am seeking to become more productive which is why I’m reading Ryder Carroll’s book.  I’ve already read quite a few pages and have set forth to improve my current system.  I’m consciously using keywords and adding sublists.  I can already see the difference.

In spite of the mishap1 which occurred this past Saturday afternoon and spending time in the Emergency clinic and in spite of receiving news that the adoption of Annie Oakley2 (a 2-year old Maine Coon) fell through, my world is not falling apart.

We received word about Annie the day AFTER Dan’s terrible, and yet humorous, fall which is a story for another day. So, this bit of news may have been a good thing. It would have been rough traveling up to Austin January 21st to pick up Annie Oakley.   The consolation is we will still be getting a Maine Coon at an unknown time in the future.  The exception is it will be a young kitten instead of a young cat.

And surprisingly, I’m okay with that.



  1. Annie Oakley surprised her owners by becoming pregnant.  They thought she was sterile. It’s a good thing they discovered this or otherwise, we would have been surprised with a litter of kittens sometime February.
  2. Dan broke his collarbone

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Framer’s Friday: Self-Portrait

It’s a brand new year and I’m going to continue participating in the 52Frames challenges with the goal of becoming a 2019 weekly warrior (submitting a picture 52 weeks).  This is Week 1 challenge.

Juggling Goals

I came up with this one when I realized I didn’t have enough knowledge to execute the original idea I had in mind. I’m juggling all the things I want to do this year — continue photography, writing and add learning Elements/reading books and quilting/crafting into the mix. Will I succeed? Or, will it all come tumbling down?

I believe this qualifies for the extra credit challenge, imperfections, because I used no makeup, have gray balding eyebrows and deep dark marks under my eyes. I was just on a rebound from being sick with a migraine and needed to get this done.

There were over 1200 individual submissions. As a result, the album was split into two on facebook.  If you’re curious and have some time, go check them out! Here’s a link: Self-Portrait and click on one of the birds holding a sign to see an album.


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2018 in Three Words

Five Minute Friday is on break.  So, I decided to go with a link a commenter sent me.  It is the December’s BoHo Berry challenge.  I chose the prompts that are easiest or resonates within me considering I’m on vacation and camping.  I went with “2018 in Three Words” today and decided to write as many three words I can.

Thank you for helping me out commenter!  You know who you are.

divider-clipart-divider_line_medResilience and Recovery.

Consistency is key.
I joined 52Frames.
Almost 25 years!
First time published! (photography)
Write 31 Days.
Still missing Sadie.

A Good Year.

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Framer’s Friday: Combine 3 Challenges

Tiny Shrooms

This is a consistency shot. The very first thing I did for this week’s challenge was walk 100 steps from the camper door with a Macro lens. I spied these tiny things growing on a tree and snapped a few pictures.

Meets the following challenges:
100 Steps from the door (my first challenge submission)
Black and White
and possibly more…

Location: Lake Livingston State Park, Livingston, Texas