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Five Minute Friday: Simplify


Simplification is Difficult

It’s hard to break things down into manageable tasks so that I can accomplish the things I’ve set out to do. My mind can get so chaotic at times and my attention wanders all over the place.  My husband can testify to the fact I get started on a task only to get distracted by another thing and move onto another never returning to finish the first task.  I must have to do lists and constantly refer to it to get me back on track.

Stuff (material things) is also a problem.  I have gotten so much better about stuff in recent years; but, still need to eliminate so much more.  I don’t need things in my life to make me happy. If an item doesn’t serve a purpose, I should get rid of it.  However, simplifying our home and our lives is not always easy.  There may be memories or meanings of a particular item which makes it hard to let it go.  I also love specific stuff (e.g. office supplies) and tend to hoard them.  I am thankful that the things I tend to collect and hoard are not many. I try to minimize buying items in an effort to not bring them into our home. But sometimes it is so hard to resist especially if there is a clearance sale on those things.

I am currently writing a chapter of my life. At first, I just wrote down what occurred, when and where, and my feelings during that time.  It’s not easy to edit the piece of work – to simplify my words so that readers will have an easier time understanding what I’ve written.

People often say Simplification is easy. Maybe it is for math; but, it isn’t for my life. Simplification is difficult for me.


The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.
Hans Hofmann