This personal blog of mine is my baby and I honestly do not believe I need a disclaimer. But, better safe than sorry is my motto.

  • This blog is a way for me to share about my life, my thoughts, and my doings along with sharing things I find interesting. It’s all me. Every opinion expressed here are my own and not of anyone else. If the source is not mine, I will make every effort to give credit to the author, company, entity, alien, who-, or whatever the content (e.g. quote) originated from.
  • I know I will make mistakes or say something idiotic. It will happen sooner or later. All I ask for is grace… mercy… and forgiveness… If I should do or say something stupid, please politely point me the error of my ways.  I will always keep an open mind.  Speaking of open mind, my thoughts, values, opinions, etc., and etc. may change over the course of time.  I hope the change(s) will show a progression of maturity.  One can always hope!
  • I try with all of my being to be clear in my posts. If what I post is translated or interpreted as something other than I intended, I cannot be held responsible for your being offended or insulted. If you intend to find fault when none was intended, why are you even here?
  • I am not a trained expert in any subject. In fact, most everything I do is a hobby. It’s not a career. Whatever I write about is to not be taken at face value.  All links I include in this blog is for your information only.  Please just use your mind and Google facts instead of mindlessly believing or following whatever I write.    You will not be compensated for loss, damage, or inconvenience just because of one thing or another I mentioned in this blog.
  • I can’t stop anyone from stealing any of my pictures and words. In fact, if I ever catch someone plagiarizing or stealing my work, I most likely will be both flattered and annoyed.  I do require permission to use my pictures. The one thing I will not stand for is people making money off me.  If I don’t make money on my work, why should anyone else?
  • Speaking of money, I do not intend to bring any financial income via this space of mine. If for some reason or another I do get paid or compensated in any shape or form, I will disclose that directly on the post.  With that said, everything I say will be my honest opinion and this includes reviews of products or services.  I will refuse to be directed to say anything that is untrue and I will refuse to participate unless it’s entirely my own views/opinion. As I said before, it’s all me.
  • I am not a lawyer.  I’m just wife, sister, Aunt, daughter, niece, etc., and etc.  If there is anything else I need to add to this article, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Thank you for listening,