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Scenes of Garner 2018: Flowers

Skeleton Plant (Lygodesmia texana)


Scarlet Gaura (Guara coccinea)

Mexican Hat (Ratibida columnifera)

Mexican Mallow (Hermannia texana)

Skullcap (specific identification unknown)

All shot at Garner State Park in Uvalde, Texas on May 29, 2018


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All Time Favorite: The Ant Lion

{Pictures are clickable to view a larger image}

This picture was taken on August 6, 2010, at Garner State Park, Uvalde, Texas. It was a miraculous capture of an Ant Lion, which is also known as a Doodlebug or Sand Dragon.  These Ant Lions industriously create perfect tiny sand traps in which ants will fall into and get trapped. The Ant Lion will almost immediately come out of hiding, capture it, and devour it. You can see a closer cropped version below.

I did not realize how tough this personal challenge would get.  I had Dan (my husband) poke the trap with a stick to trick the Ant Lion into thinking he got himself a meal. I wanted to capture sand flying when it comes out of hiding and attacks. I must have taken dozens of shots before giving up. I was pleasantly surprised upon opening up one of the pictures on the laptop at home and discovered I had indeed captured one in the act of an attack.  Needless to say, I was thrilled.

All-Time Favorites Photo Challenge