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Stairs aka Escalator

The World’s Largest Word Search
Shot during 52Frames’ Stairs Theme Week

The wall was the largest word search once upon a time. Rumor is that this section of the space is going to be walled off and thus, this most likely will be disappearing.  I had to see if I could shoot this for the stairs theme. It makes me feel sad to think this may be destroyed. I have fond memories of this place and the wall.


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Question {Five Minute Friday}

(A selfie I took in 2011 for a challenge)

I broke the rules of just five minutes of writing with this one.  I felt the need to just free write and not pay attention to this rule.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this.  I did go back and insert parentheses to help clear up to my writing to readers.  Also, this is personal and random (not perfect) — it does not contain everything and may not make sense (to you).


As a believer, I sometimes go through periods of questioning.  I think it’s okay to have doubts.  I think it’s okay to question what others say.  I also think it’s okay to not accept things (said) as fact and do my own research.

There are those who claim science says there is no God.  I disagree.  Science cannot prove there is a God.  But, it’s all schematics to atheists.  It’s just a theory; but, it’s considered as fact.

I honestly think that there is more behind their unbelief than just science.  They don’t want to believe a God exists because they want to do their own thing. They don’t want to believe a God exists because it’s a threat to their lifestyle.  They want to be their own God.

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been living for God like I should have throughout the years.  But, my faith is strong.  I’ve been slowly finding my way back home for the last few years.

I don’t argue (or debate) with any of them (atheists).   I’m not going to waste my time.  They’re not going to change their minds. They only want to argue or even bully/mock my beliefs.  So, why try?  It’s the same with me.  They’re not going to get me to change my mind.  So, why try?

If there is no God, why isn’t the world (nature) more chaotic?  There’s is an order in the universe that defies explanation.

If there is no God, I would have been dead by my own hand years ago.

If there is no God, why I have seen answered prayers? Granted, these are rare simply due to the fact I do not often have specific detailed requests.  Also, answered prayers often go unrecognized simply because requests tend to be tiny and/or we’re too busy in our lives to stop to recognize them (answered prayers).

An answered prayer occurred recently that only reinforces that my God exists and cares personally about me.  It is beyond amazing (to me).

(A little background:)

We had planned two camping trips.  One was canceled due to flooding and the other was due to a variety of reasons including Dan’s work.

I was devastated with the cancelation of the first because we were to meet up with a brother and sister-in-law of mine.  I was wanting to see them. I was deeply bothered and upset with the cancelation; but, there was nothing we could do.  I came to accept this happened.

But, I prayed that we’d get together somehow sometime soon and not over the holidays.  (Holidays are too busy for true visiting.)

I also prayed that we (Dan and I) get a chance to go camping before summer was over as I was wanting, no needing, to get away.  It had to be summer-time because I love to be in a body of water.  I had planned to take a float along with some snacks and just be lazy in the water reading a book. Anyway…

This the answer to my prayer(s) as short and succinctly as possible:

Firstly, letters in the form of emails were started up by my sister-in-law’s own hand. And, we’ve been exchanging them ever since. This alone is nothing.  But, it’s been a good thing for me/us.

Secondly, Dan managed to get a site at Garner for camping.  I didn’t even seek out or try to find a site.  I just did not think we could find one anywhere during the summer.  I did have an inclination to try later this summer for a site at Guadalupe River when kids are back in school.  But, Dan found a site for late July all on his own. The fact he did this and the fact a site was available surprised me immensely.

Thirdly,  my sister-in-law informed me in a letter (via email) they are going camping at Garner.  Her sister-in-law’s family is going and they had an extra site.  My brother and sister-in-law jumped on this chance.

Fourthly and most importantly, they’re going the exact same dates we are going! I was floored.  What are the odds of this happening?  Neither one of us knew what the other was doing until everything was set in stone.

And, if all things work out, it should be a good time.




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Framers Friday: Fast Shutter Speed

Dance Your Cares Away, Worry’s for Another Day

Here is what I wrote:

Even though I’m learning a lot, This a HUGE learning curve for me. I have to say I still do NOT like fast shutter photography. 

This is Abby Gail, my half-wild cat. I went out earlier in the week and went for a consistency shot. I’ve shot a quite a few other types of shots Saturday; but, this is technically the better picture. Thus, it’s my submission. I just wish the rope/string she was after was inside the frame.

She looks like she’s dancing to me; thus, the title which is part of Fraggle Rock’s theme song.

1/3200 sec, f/1.8, ISO 100 with a EF50mm f/1.8 II Canon lens


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Zox On

When I received both of these mailings on the same day during the week of 52Frames’ Black & White theme, I thought they would look great together in a black & white image.  I had not even opened the packages.  I did remove the clear plastic mailing wrapper on the question mark package as the light was causing glare.

Once I took the shot, I realized that it was not as great as I thought.   The outline of the question mark is actually a reflective gold material and it did not show up well on the top right part. This was my first and consistency shot for the 52Frames’ challenge in case I could not come up with anything better.


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Goal {Five Minute Friday}

June 15, 2019
Shot during 52Frames’ Fast Shutter Theme Week
(The goal here is to get the plane to fly correctly and not crash.  Ha!)

divider-clipart-divider_line_medI’ve started writing with honesty for my mental health.  I’ve picked up the camera again as a means to get me up, dressed, and out of the house.  At first, both were difficult endeavors; but, with time, both became easier to do.  I still struggle to just get started; but, once I do, it’s somewhat easy.

For the first time in a long time, I’m feeling the desire to sew.  I’m not quite trusting this feeling as it’s been a long time since I felt a desire to do something.

My room is a disaster due to the fact I made a mess for several photography challenges. I have a goal to fix up that space.  Time and patience (with myself) along with an itemized plan is the key.  I don’t want to rush and find myself back into the pit I was in five, three or even a year ago.


A note to my readers: there may be a Monday in the future I do not write.  We managed to pick up a site at our favorite place to go camping in late July.  The wi-fi connection at this place is iffy. We’ve already had two camping plans get canceled on us this year of which one was due to flooding.  So, I’m praying that this trip will become a reality for us.



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Framers Friday: Stairs

Giving Up

Here is what I wrote:

Consistency shot. I had something in mind and arrived only to discovered the lighting was not consistent. What I had in mind would not work. So, I just went with this on the spur of the moment.

Note: This picture made it into the 52 Committee Picks album.  A committee picks 52 pictures out of all the submissions (over 870) for the theme/week to feature.  I was both floored and honored.