Instant {Five Minute Friday}

 Giving Up

Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.
Dorothea Lange

Note: Last week’s 52Frames photography theme was animals.


I made it a goal to go outside every day (except Monday and Sunday) to take pictures with our new 100 – 400mm long lens. I have to use a monopod because the lens is heavy. On the first day, I went out with the full expectation of shooting birds. I fully expected to start shooting immediately. I waited and waited for something to come along. Talk about wanting instant gratification. 

After about 15 minutes, I decided to see if my neighbor’s chickens were out. I ended up shooting and obtaining a decent picture of one of them.

When Tuesday rolled around, I prepared to be out there for some time. It was an exercise in patience and endurance because it was cold. (I do not handle cold weather well.) I sat, walked the property, and waited for quite some time for something to come along. A Kestral finally showed up. I was thrilled with this opportunity! 

On Friday, I spied a vulture in a tree quite a distance away. It took off and flew low like it wanted to land nearby on the ground. So, I went to the front yard to see if I could spy any. I saw one on a fence post and decided to hike down the road to get a closer shot. Much to my surprise, there were five of them. I’m so glad I took a chance to hike because I obtained a picture I love.

I obtained a shot of a mockingbird Wednesday. I also went out Saturday to shoot some goats during a goat roping event. I decided soon after that I am not into sports photography, I am not inclined to learn how to shoot anything sports related. It’s not my cup of tea.



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Like {Five Minute Friday}

Light Painting (2019) divider-clipart-divider_line_med

I’ve been doing some stitchery every evening while watching TV with my husband. It’s been Bones1 and Wednesday2 lately. Bones is what we watched many moons together. So, it’s perfect to have on while stitching because I’ve seen it before and do not need to “hear” it to understand.

Regarding Wednesday, I used to watch The Addams Family3 as a kid. So, I assumed I’d enjoy this series. I didn’t think Dan would be interested. Neither did he. He got sucked into the show while I watched the first episode. So, it became something we viewed together and finished last night.

I must confess I liked the show even though it was on the dark side. It had mystery, humor, horror, and the unexpected. The flavor is what one expects of Tim Burton4 but toned down. The mystery aspect kept us on our toes. Dan and I kept guessing the person intent on harming was between two or three individuals.

I got to thinking that the whole good versus evil was interesting and twisted. Here you have a dark girl fighting for good. And, the one person (in the past) bent on destroying odd people was hiding under the “good” ala wolves in sheep’s clothing. So much like real life. Seriously. Too many people hide behind legalism and cause a lot of chaos and pain for others.

All in all, I felt that Wednesday was well-done.

divider-clipart-divider_line_medAnd now, we need to find something else that we both would like to watch together besides Bones.

  1. Bones (Amazon Prime)
  2. Wednesday (Netflix)
  3. The Addams Family
  4. Tim Burton



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WIPS Saturday

WIPs = Work In Progress.
I assume it’s pronounced as whips as this comes up in the text of CC (Closed Captioning).

It dawned on me that it’s been a while since my previous WIPs Post.
I‘m only stitching in the evenings these days.
So, a lot is not done at a time. Maybe I’ll do this once a month?
I plan to pick up another stitchery project to work on while traveling for two weeks in December.

All pictures were taken on the fly on November 25, 2022. As a result, the coloring is a little off in all pictures.

The last “Wreath of All Seasons” update
The last “You’re the Boss” update

Wreath of All Seasons

I’m still stitching the upper left quadrant (Chart A). I need to stitch the rest of the bottom portion of the chart as well as a dragonfly. Once that is done, I’ll do backstitching before moving on to another chart. I dislike backstitching; so, I figured I do it a quadrant at a time. Slow and Steady wins the race, correct?

You Are the Boss SAL (Stitch a Long) FINAL

This was completed a long time ago. I failed to provide an update on this project. This sorely needs to be ironed and cleaned. But, here it is.  I now have two projects done that need to be taken to get framed.



Framers Friday: Food Photography

Flamin’ Hot Habanero

Here is what I wrote:

I’ve been wanting to play with fire since the last time I played (Line from a Song 2021). So, since this is not my favorite theme, I decided to have fun burning it up. Since Dan has Fridays off (for the rest of the year), I roped him into being my assistant. We cleared out a tiny space in his garage and set up a mini studio. I tried both jalapenos and habaneros and ended up with a few good shots. This was my favorite and Dan’s pick. It’s not easy. I would change a few things if I were to do this again in the future. But, overall, I’m happy with the result.



Laugh {Five Minute Friday}

Dan felt intensely happy (and exhausted) upon removing the engine.
October 2017
By the way, he cut off that beautiful beard a few months later.

Ecclesiastes 3:4: “A time to cry and a time to laugh.”

divider-clipart-divider_line_medI met my Great Aunt Verna many years ago while attending a youth camp in Maine. She, my Gram, and Aunt Vera were cooks. I thought she was the saddest person alive. She rarely smiled.

All three were having an animated conversation, and suddenly, they burst out in laughter. Aunt Verna radiated with joy. Her smile was so beautiful. It only lasted a few seconds before she returned to her sad self.

I saw the emotion across her face and knew that, for some reason, she felt guilty for laughing. It only made me feel sad for her.

I think anyone should not feel guilty for laughing; joy is for everyone. There is a time for sorrow (or guilt), but joy comes in the morning.