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Nourish {Five Minute Friday}

Note: as always, for Five Minute Fridays, this is free writing and adding superscripts afterward for clarification.

Shot July 2019

Just write.


The word nourish is a difficult prompt. I had trouble centering my mind upon this topic. I’m also having difficulties with this week’s 52Frames theme, Common Object. What should I write? What should my Common Object be? I’m feeling a tad unenthused about both challenges.

The last three weeks have been lovely for me regarding photography. For all three weeks, I did macro and nature. These are my favorite things to do and shoot. I’m seeking to improve my images somehow through lighting or lenses (or both).

There’s something about pursuing the best macro shot of insects while leaving them alone that nourishes me. I can spend 15, 30, or even 45 minutes stalking a butterfly forgetting the world1 that troubles me.

I discovered through an investigation of last week’s theme2 that I’m an ethical photographer. I do not capture bugs or mess with them3 to get the optimal shot. I have a severe dislike for the idea of causing harm to any living creature. After all, quite a few are struggling to survive in this current world.4

After three weeks of pursuing nature shots, I’m finding myself reluctant to return to the ordinary world of photography challenges. But, I have another genre5 I’m interested in doing. I must obtain knowledge of other photography mediums to gain the necessary skills to pursue this particular style.


Intentionally did not keep track of time.

  1. This includes illness(es): chronic and otherwise.
  2. Last week’s theme: Inspired by a Photographer
  3. This includes cooling them down or freezing them in order to stage/pose the insect
  4. Going excinct. Monarchs and bees are a couple among many.
  5. Surrealism


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Stamps (#writephoto)

I have been missing this fun challenge; so, I went looking for a similar one and discovered someone else is hosting this with the blessing of the first host. I’m both sad and glad. I’m sad because Sue Vincent is no longer with us but happy this goes on in her memory.

Here is my “first” entry with this blog.  I will not be a regular with this endeavor as I do this exercise when I’m inspired or have free time. Free time I had on hand for this entry. I did this free writing style for five minutes adding links or subscripts afterward to provide more details. So, this is a result, a portion of my history. 

I am hoping in the future to play with words to create poetry or short stories. This is what I love to do and originally used these prompts for.

Stamps – Image by KL Caley

I’m different from my father and two younger brothers who collected coins. I became bored with the same old faces and didn’t have an interest in the value of money.1

But then I discovered stamps.

Every single design had a reason for being created. There is a history behind each one. The stamps still attached to an envelope with the cancellation tell a part of their travels. I’d bring them out from time to time and gaze upon them. The variety of colors, designs, and history caused me to wonder about their stories.

Even though Dad didn’t see the value in collecting them, he encouraged me. He gave me a USA stamp album. However, I ended up with scores of international ones. 2


  1. Many vintage and antique coins have a greater value than the actual mint and often increase as the years go by. 
  2. I no longer collect stamps. I never gained an interest in collecting things just for the sake of their value (and the increasing thereof throughout the years). It did not help that at heart I’m thrifty and a cheapskate. It was difficult to give them up; but, I couldn’t see a good reason to continue collecting stamps.


    #WritePhoto – Stamps

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Framers Friday: Fill the Frame

Beauty Among the Thorns

Here is what I wrote:

I love to wander the land when it’s foggy or heavy with dew. I went out when I shouldn’t have (weak from being sick the day before). But I must, as I love to shoot dew-laden nature. I’m pushing the limits of my camera & knowledge & falling short. But, even so, this is beautiful to me despite them being infernal sticker burrs.

On a funny note, not long after this, I ended up with tons of sticker burrs all over me. My elbow hurt the worst. My long-suffering husband & I removed well over 50 of them from my jeans & hoodie jacket. It left me tired & cranky until I viewed the pictures I took.

Notes: I did not want to go higher than ISO 200 due to noise. The hazy sun is the reason for a low shutter speed. But, I used a tripod due to shaky hands from being weak.


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Framers Friday

I am late with this post. I blame the vacation (holiday) and the remodeling of Dan’s office.
Better late than never, correct?

Bejeweled Spider

Here is what I wrote:

This garden spider looked as if it was bejeweled or gilded with silver. She is heavy laden with dew. She took up temporary residence among the sole surviving lavender bush. I love this image. I am glad I took the time to shoot her. The spider picked up its web & was gone within a day. No regrets.

Thanks to a couple of helpful members of my mini-group, they let me know it fits the theme. It caused me to do more research. As a result, I agree. Thus, this is my submission (& I am glad for it).

“Wabi-sabi is a beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. It is a beauty of things modest and humble. It is a beauty of things unconventional.” — Leonard Koren, Wabi-sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers



Hide {Five Minute Friday}

This little guy (Wilson’s Snipe) was barely discernable in the distance.  First time I saw one of these on our land (January 1, 2021). He blended in so well that if I wasn’t observant, I’d miss him.

I almost forgot to do this exercise! We are redoing Dan’s office this week. So, a distraction. Thankfully, I looked in my BuJo and it reminded me that I needed to do this and the weekly bills.

What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us. No religion has ever been greater than its idea of God. The most determining fact about any man is not what he at any given time may say or do, but what he in his deep heart can see God to be like.
~A.W. Toze


We were asked to close our eyes and then to focus on the first thing that comes to our minds upon hearing a word. Of course, I could not close my eyes as I rely on lip-reading. It’s always been this way during prayers and the like. I’ve never felt comfortable keeping my eyes open during these times.  But, in order to understand, I must.

 Anyway, “God” was the word. At first, there was nothingness. But then, that’s how I am. I can never think of a single thing on the spot. This is why I’m not a good conversationist. Folks don’t have the patience to give me time to gather my thoughts.1

This made me think that no one can envision God. He is greater than the Universe. We can name Him but we cannot truly define Him. Since he’s so vast, we can hide in Him.2 He keeps us safe from ourselves, from others, from danger. 3


  1. Another reason why I don’t make a great conversationalist. He was looking for attributes. 
  2.  Psalms 143:9
  3. We need to remember He’s holy.




Wander {Five Minute Friday}

A View off Old Baldy
Garner State Park, Concan, Texas

This is going to be short and sweet. I’m not worried about much of anything including grammar. Thanksgiving (in the states) is approaching and that’s my excuse. We’re not doing much in the way of celebrating except having a better than usual dinner. But, we do have plans to redo Dan’s office as he has the week off. We’re already making preparations. Hopefully, we can get the major stuff done in one week.


I’m grateful for the ability to wander seemingly without a goal or purpose. I do have personal goals such as learning as much as I can about photography and photoshop. But, I can take my time. In other words, I have no fixed deadlines. And, this is not for my future (financial or otherwise). For this, I am thankful.

The flip side is not knowing what I’d do should the situation arise if I/we need a side hustle. Playing games for mere pennies isn’t going to cut it.1 Whenever I begin to worry about the future, I take a deep breath, give it all over to God, and continue to do the best I can to secure it.2


  1. $80 since the beginning of August.
  2. our financial future



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Framers Friday: Face a Fear

Death (Grim Reaper)

Here is what I wrote:

“There are two events in everybody’s life that nobody remembers. Two moments experienced by every living thing. Yet no one remembers anything about them. Nobody remembers being born and nobody remembers dying. Is that why we always stare into the eye sockets of a skull? Because we’re asking, “What was it like?” “Does it hurt?” “Are you still scared?”. ~ Doctor Who, Season 9, Heaven Sent

Believe it or not, I fear death & the dead or dying. When Doctor Who said the above quote, it stuck with me. I hope I didn’t creep anyone out with this image. But, I’m sure I did.

This was a tough exercise in which I had only Saturday night to shoot. This will be one that I will revisit in the future as I’m not happy with how this turned out. My first experience using smoke bombs & it was scary too.

Additional Details:
Canon EOS Rebel T5 with Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens
1/125 f/8 100 50

As usual, I didn’t have enough space on the 52Frames site to write down what I did to achieve this image. 

I built this dummy-like thing (with the help of my husband) using a cement cardboard tube for the body, a stick of wood with old washcloths to form the shoulders, and chicken wiring to form (shape) the hood and neck. The upper arms were sticks of wood attached to the shoulder and I attached the arms/hands (halloween yard art) using screws and zip-ties.  I DIY’ed a tube out of empty toilet paper rolls and black duct tape for some smoke to go down the arm.  I used a cheap cosplay robe and a halloween skull to complete the outfit. The wooden shoulders, chicken wiring, and front of cardboard cement tubing was painted black as to not show up via light. I placed and arranged this thing on two concrete pavers in our backyard with a DIY black backdrop.  Note: we had all of these items except the halloween props and robe.

I set speed lights on both sides of this figure thing. I really wanted to give it some backlighting too; but, I was unable to figure out how to do that with the time constraints. After I was satisfied with the lighting situation (with a few test shots), a smoke bomb was carefully inserted into the cardboard tube (via the top). An assistant during the shoot (my husband in this case) is highly recommended. I had him handle the smoke grenade. He also held a posterboard in front of skull to allow smoke to build up and then he took it away. I was able to get quite a few shots; but, only two usuable images with what I envisioned for this endeavor.  Of course, both images fell short of what I envisioned.  I think it would help immensely if I could somehow figured out how to have backlighting on the figure as to show the shoulders, robe, and hood more. (The light stand was not tall enough to put light over the backdrop.) So, I’ll figure out how to rig up a system to use in the future.