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Framers Friday: Depth of Field


Here is what I wrote:

This is another dealing with a pile of fabric. I just set down a spool of thread on top of a pile of fabric needing to be put away. Behind this is a wall of “bolted” fabrics — fabrics I folded onto a piece of comic board — arranged as best as I could by color. I did ended up changing out the top fabric the pile; but, other than that, this is what it is. I had a terrible time trying to get what I envisioned. But, I eventually landed upon this one.

I do have to confess that I thought I knew what I needed to know about DOF. Not true. I learned something new that could have been minor in many of my attempts; but, was major for this effort.

By the way, I marked this as “Not interested in a critique this week, but feel free to comment!” again this week — two weeks in a row.


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