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Framers Friday: Food Photography

Run Peep, Run!

Here is what I wrote:

I don’t think I ever created a diorama in my life. I’ve been wanting to just to have fun. I don’t think I ever built things with Lego before either. I’ve played with them whenever my brothers brought theirs down; but, I never had a set of my own. Dan (my husband) and I had a good time building the dinosaur together one evening. Everything is food except the background, the base (foil), and, of course, the dinosaur. I used stale cookies (on a diet here), Potato Stixs, cheese balls, Broccoli, red gel, frosting (as glue) and the infamous Peeps! I hoped the tinfoil base would look like water in the back.

I forgot to mention that there is Thyme on top of the cookie base.Ā  And, it’s a consistency shot.


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