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Framers Friday: Experimental Photography

I had grand ideas in my head; but, my skills were sorely lacking.  What I did instead was brainstorm to modify what I envisioned into something doable for me.  I then learned all I could about light painting and planned everything out.  You can find a way to do something even it’s a modified version of what you envisioned.

I also learned that I really enjoy light painting and night photography.  Who knew?!?  I’m NOT a night person.  However, last year’s night photography and more recently, the city at night challenge, has shown me I enjoy the challenge of taking pictures at night.  So, I returned to taking pictures at night with light painting for this week’s challenge.

By the way, I had a lot of fun; but, I was so mentally exhausted that I do believe my next few 52Frames’ submissions will be simple consistency shots.   I need time to recover. Ha!

The Unbearable Being of Lightness

Here is what I wrote:

This is composed of a LOT of things that I’m learning. I still have a long ways to go concerning Photoshop. Light painting is another first attempt of mine. I need to figure out how to use bulb mode as it was only two of us. Instead, I used a timer of 30 seconds (max before bulb) and rushed all the while hoping I’d get something somewhat decent.

I am a huge fan of fantasy (and a little Sci-Fi). I did not have enough skills to execute exactly what I had in my mind; but, I modified what I imagined into something I could accomplish. This is a mashup of many of my favorite fantasy books, TV, and movies not to mention adding the being of light which I do not know or remember where that source came from. Someday, when I learn what I need to know, I will redo this idea of mine.

The circular wormhole was easy to obtain.  I tied a keychain with blue led light onto a string and swung it around while using my index finger to cause the circle to get gradually smaller.   I did the same thing with the color orange.  I believe I eventually settled on 10 seconds shutter speed for both orange and blue lights.

The being of light part took me over 20 takes to get even half the look I was shooting for.  Yes, you read that correctly. 20 different shots. Some of the takes were pretty wild looking because I was frantic trying to light up him to make it look the way I wanted within 30 seconds (shutter speed). I just did not give up and I finally got the image I was half-way happy with.

All of the night pictures were done in one evening.  It took me over two hours to get all the images I wanted simply due to the fact I was learning as I go.

The wormhole picture was obtained when I gave myself an hour the following day to wander the country roads near my home in search of a scene.  I found this scene after about 50 minutes of wandering.  Lucky me.  If I hadn’t found it, I would have used another circular shot I had done the night before with a green led light for the center.

By the way, I got lost while wandering the country roads in search of a scene to shoot.  I had to use the GPS to find my way back home.   I couldn’t even tell you where the scene is located.


2 thoughts on “Framers Friday: Experimental Photography

    1. Thank you. I have a better understanding of certain things; but, much of photography is way over my head still. I’m just plodding along doing the best I can. It’s amazing how quickly I adjust the Aperture or Shutter speed on the camera these days to fix lighting and whatnot for a picture. When I went to Fest of Tails, I became confused because it was a very cloudy day and my shots were against a white sky. I had to learn yet something else while I was there. SMH It is always something. Always. LOL. 🙂

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