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“Pawtrait” Rejects

These were all taken during the week of 52Frames: Portrait challenge.  I love each one of them for different reasons and they were rejected for a variety of reasons.  Enjoy.

This was a wonderful picture of Abby; but, she was too relaxed and her eyes were slightly unfocused (my bad).  It just didn’t capture the essence of her in my humble opinion as she is often full of intensity (wildness).  Don’t get me wrong, she is a sweet adorable cat when she wants to be.

By this time, Gracie had turned around, was done and vocally letting me know. She left a split second after this shot. I didn’t like the fact her tail was not showing (wrapped around the other side of her).

Surprisingly, one of her pictures did make the submission.

“I love you. Thank you for the good eats. Slurp.”

Abby does this slow blink infrequently and humans typically attach “I love you” to this behavior.  But, this is not what it truly means.  It’s a behavior among cats to express unthreatening behavior.  In other words, they are not threatening the other cat. When Abby does this with me, she is expressing her trust in me and she is feeling relaxed and happy. However, this look was not what I was shooting for.


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Framers Friday: Portrait

Gracie’s Pawtrait

I focused on Abby Gail, my other cat, most of the time as she is trained to sit and stay (for delicious treats). Gracie surprised me by coming in, sitting, staring at my camera for a minute or two and then left. She was briefly a purrfect model. I’m so pleased to get a wonderful shot of her.

Purrsonal notes: She’s our special needs tripod. She’s approximately 10-1/2 years old. In addition to missing a leg, she suffers from seasonal and food allergies. Overall, she’s a content and happy cat.

Sidenote: I was going to get a portrait of my husband and me; but, I ran out of time as this weekend is my birthday (13th). I will still pursue a portrait of us as it’s been over five years since we got a decent portrait of us together and I’d like one for Christmas.

Here’s the runner-up (alternate):

Abby Gail’s Pawtrait

Note: This challenge is week 41 of the year. To see all the submissions, including mine, go here.  Warning! There are 656 pictures in this album.  A person can only submit one picture for the week. This means 656 people participated this week.  By the way, there are some awesome pictures in that album!


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The Smallest Feline is a Masterpiece

I’ve been trying to take more pictures of my cats. These were taken during the week of the 52Frames: Texture challenge.   I was shooting for that “oh so cute, I want to reach out and touch her” kind of picture. Ha!


Abby Gail

For some reason, I recently got interested in animal/pet photography.  Each time I try, I think I am getting better.  Cats are a challenge though.  I’ve yet to try my hand with dogs.



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Scenes of Garner 2018: Cats



Aww Phooey

I’m Mad at You

All pictures shot at Garner State Park in Uvalde, Texas on June 1, 2018

I didn’t take a lot of pictures of our cats camping at Garner.  Both cats really had a good time hiking around the campsite the morning of June 1st.  Abby (the one pictured) did not want to go back inside the camper.  She was mad at me in the last picture because I prevented her from getting too close to a bird on the ground.

We have confirmed plans to go camping again in November.  However, I am hoping to go camping again late this summer or early this Fall.  We shall see what is what in the near future.



Cat School with Abby Gail

I’ve been posting on Instagram and just realized some of you may not be on Instagram.  Even if you are not, you should be able to view these short videos.  The second one is the latest and she’s doing wonderful.  To be honest, I’m not sure if this will work; but, I am going to try.