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Bluebonnet Mountain

Shot during 52Frames’ “dirty” challenge week
This is a 52Frames’ reject

I somewhat staged this after it rained. I placed the sandstone rock, which we dug up here on our land, behind the bluebonnet plant. I discovered the dirt on one of the petals after I opened up the picture on my laptop.


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Corpus Christi & Fulton, Texas

We traveled to Corpus Christi for the day on February 2nd. The vast majority of the day was misty and foggy.  Just shoot anyway. You’ll never know. You might get some decent pictures. 52Frames have stretched me so much since I joined and I’ve come a long way.

Ghost Ship (Blue Ship).
The USS Lexington at Corpus Christi, Texas

After we explored the beach, we decided to travel along the coast towards Rockport and Fulton. We eventually landed in Fulton at a city park. It was still misty and foggy.

Ghostly Pier

This pier has yet to be rebuilt since Hurricane Harvey. It looks utterly abandoned and tugged my heartstrings.



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Bluebonnet: Focus Stacking

I played around a couple of weeks ago with the concept of focus stacking.  I knew it was going to be an extra credit portion for the 52Frame’s macro challenge. Since I was playing around, I didn’t try to be perfect with taking pictures.

I took three macro shots of the same plant but each one was focused on a different part of the plant.  The first picture focused at the bottom. The second in the center. And, the third at the top.  (All three were taken with an aperture of f/2.8.)

I then tried my hand at focus stacking with these three pictures yesterday.  I was absolutely floored at the result.  Check out my first attempt at focus stacking: