5 thoughts on “A Butterfly Face

  1. Suggestion…you have an ‘About Me’ section, consider adding an ‘About My Equipment’ tab as well. You could then share information on the equipment you use for photography (camera, lens(es), software, etc.) You could also share any ‘special’ tools you use for your writing (if there are any).

    After a 20 year layoff I just got a quality camera and am trying to relearn everything I forgot so being able to ‘cheat’ from your experience would be helpful.

    1. PS: I’m so sorry to hear about your job. I hope you find what you’re looking for. Dan got “laid off” from his job a few months ago. He worked with them for 17+ years. However, he got hired in another division within the same company about a month later. Both of us are not keen on the fact it’s the same company. But, he has time to learn new skills and beef up his resume. And, it alleviates some of the worry considering this position is most likely for another two or three years.

      1. I was wondering what you were referring to…then I reread my comment and saw the word layoff. I meant a layoff from my photography hobby. Poor wording on my part.

        I bought a high end FILM camera in the late ’90s. Digital photography was coming around, but surely it would never be a serious challenger to FILM. Well, sometime around 2005 we bought our first point and shoot digital camera and I don’t think the film Canon has been out of the case since then. Fortunately I had the foresight to remove the batteries from them before putting the camera in storage.

        A friend was upgrading and selling his 2 year old Canon that will work with all of my lenses so I jumped on it and am now trying to re-learn the hobby.

    2. I think with your experience with photography, you’ll be back to it in no time. It’s just learning how to use your new camera. Manuals are always online these days. Youtube can teach you how to do almost anything. It wasn’t easy to learn back in the 80s and 90s.

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