Framers Friday: High Key


Here’s What I wrote:

Here’s another self-portrait (A personal challenge for this year). The title is from my long-distance dating days with Dan. We used codes and abbreviations since we were coworkers during those days. ILD == Iche Liebe Dich == I Love You. Here is the ASL sign for ILD. We learned a little ASL before our marriage, said our vows with ASL, and continued to use ASL to make life easier for me at times.

addendum: the personal challenge is one a month, give or take.


3 thoughts on “Framers Friday: High Key

  1. I love the story behind the pic! 🙂 How creative…and intimate…in a clandestine kind of way. 🙂 This is a very nice self-portrait. Your hair looks so nice! I think you are very brave to give yourself this challenge. No way I’d post a pic of myself right now. LOL. I can go weeks without seeing anyone but my husband, except for maybe people driving by on the road. I don’t remember if I even combed my hair yet this morning.

    (I don’t know anything about photography, so  I can’t give any constructive comments…but I assure you that my comments above are totally sincere.)

    1. I ended up doing yet another self-portrait for this week’s theme (to be posted next Friday). I was going to get Dan’s portrait; but, he’s too busy with work, an ailing truck, and remodeling his office. So, back to my standby: me.

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