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Complete {Five Minute Friday}

What I originally free wrote this morning had nothing to do with the word prompt. I had great difficulty coming up with something just for this prompt.  So, I just started by writing what the word means (to me).divider-clipart-divider_line_medComplete can mean entirety. Such as from the beginning to the end, The Alpha and the Omega, etc. Complete also has the meaning of it’s finished, done, or thorough. A project accomplished, An assignment done, etc.

I have a few UFOs (UnFinished Objects). I don’t feel inclined to begin work on them again soon. There’s the Gypsy wife quilt with blocks and strips still hanging on the design wall. And, my birthday table runner is still a work in progress. I haven’t picked up sewing in a very long time.

I just haven’t felt like doing much until recently.

Photography is saving my mind and life1 . It’s forcing me to get up, be creative, get active, etc. I don’t think Dan understands how much I need this activity despite the confusing “negative” criticism I may receive that makes me feel like a failure. (eg. “I don’t understand the photo… I’m confused” w/o an accompanying explanation as to why.) He doesn’t like it when I get upset and feeling like crap because of one person’s viewpoint.2

I have digressed. I do have plans to get back into the sewing room. I was in the process of redesigning/reconfiguring the space when the effort got derailed with painting and applying polyurethane on shelves.3


  1. Photography is more for my mental and physical health along with my creative bent. (I’ve always been into and interesting in photography. So, it’s something I’m passionate about.)
  2. It’s difficult to explain. He tells me it’s just one person (comment) of many and I shouldn’t take it personally.  But, I feel if one person is confused, then I failed. period. How many others out there were confused by my image and just didn’t say so? I feel as if all the positive comments I get are a farce half the time anyway.  I rather get positive constructive criticism (eg. the horizon is tilted) than just pure positive comments that doesn’t help me improve (e.g. this is a cool picture of —-).
  3. As soon as the work on the shelves for the guest room is done, I’ll reclaim the space and begin anew.



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