Framers Friday: Dreamscape

 While You’re Sleeping… 

Here is what I wrote:

I turned to light painting for this theme. I used composites due to light pollution. I set up the scene & kept the camera static as if I was going to do it all in one long exposure under the dark skies. Each shot (three plus the landscape painting) is 86/87 seconds. I love the burning man & created it. I had a hankering to create another character, the light man. It’s rough around the edges. I need a LOT of practice. I originally called it “my spaceman”; but, I’m calling it a mummy (thanks to my Uncle R. for reminding me of them.) A light fire sprung to life. My 1st attempt at “painting” the landscape of which I need practice. All characters were created using flashlights, the universal connector from Light Painting Brushes, & a few tools. Inspiration (scene) from the depths of my brain.


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