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Framers Friday: Still Life

Modern Vanitas

Here is what I wrote:

I must confess I’m not big on the arts. But, upon encountering a Vanitas painting in my research, it appealed to me. It was by an artist of Pieter Claesz, a Dutch Golden Age painter. From there, it was Harmen van Steenwyck and Philippe de Champaigne among a few others. These types of paintings may be along the lines of macabre to many; but, unlike some of the other still life paintings, they appealed to me. In spite of the things we may enjoy, nothing lasts forever. I decided to try for a modern version of these old-style paintings using the video gaming world. I thoroughly enjoyed digging out the old systems and games. I was sad when systems evolved; but, like life, nothing lasts forever. I am not 100% happy with this effort; but, I had fun creating this picture.

Here are some links about Vanitas paintings:


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