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Framers Friday: Architecture


Here is what I wrote:

We recently added the suspension bridge (Catastrophic Creations) to “Abby Land”. She’s jumping a little over 4 feet from the cat tree to the cabinetry (and vice versa) not to mention putting her feet on the curtain rod to look out. We want her to use the bridge to get across, sleep on, and/or gaze out the window (instead of jumping or putting her weight on the curtain rod). She absolutely loves to be up high and has taken to sleeping on top of the cabinetry.

I didn’t have time to go seeking out buildings due to getting ready to go camping. So, I did a quick setup with a soft lightbox and a camera on tripod late in the evening to shoot this corner of Abby’s world. I’m submitting this early and calling it done. At least, you get a peek at a tiny portion of our space.


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