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Framers Friday: Product Photography

Stencil Art

Product photography is something I am NOT interested in doing.   However, by participating in these weekly themes (challenges), I could potentially learn something photography-wise.  Note: I did learn a little about layer masks and worked a little to improve horrid shadowing in the bottom row of letters within the alphabet stencil.

I thought I’d pick something I love working with and go with that.  In this case, I chose stencils. Without them, I could not be the artist I’d love to be. Ha!

Here is what I wrote:

Without stencils, I don’t think I could be a crafty “artist”. I decided to see if I could do a product photography with some of my favorite stencils that are created for journaling. I first arranged stencils in a flat lay and it did not really convey “stencils”. I said to my self, “do a September layout”. From that point on, the process flowed easier. I’ve learned more this week which is the purpose of the weekly challenges (themes), correct? 

Thanks to a stencil group and the mini group for helping me out.


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