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Framers’ Friday: Upside Down

My apologies for two posts in one day.  With all that’s been happening in my life, I completely forgot to do Framers’ Friday. So, I’m doing it on a Monday.

Looking-Glass World

Here is what I wrote:

The is an element of a camera lens. My husband had one that went kaput years ago and he took it apart and saved the elements. When I first attempted to shoot using this item, I was surprised by the results. I did not expect the background to be so close and the upside-down world to look so far. So, the second time I went out to shoot, I set up my area further away than the first. The sun was coming up a little on the harsh side by the time I finally had everything positioned correctly and landed a shot I wanted. It’s not perfect; but, I’m happy with the result. I learned much through this effort.


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