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Framer’s Friday: Self-Portrait

It’s a brand new year and I’m going to continue participating in the 52Frames challenges with the goal of becoming a 2019 weekly warrior (submitting a picture 52 weeks).  This is Week 1 challenge.

Juggling Goals

I came up with this one when I realized I didn’t have enough knowledge to execute the original idea I had in mind. I’m juggling all the things I want to do this year — continue photography, writing and add learning Elements/reading books and quilting/crafting into the mix. Will I succeed? Or, will it all come tumbling down?

I believe this qualifies for the extra credit challenge, imperfections, because I used no makeup, have gray balding eyebrows and deep dark marks under my eyes. I was just on a rebound from being sick with a migraine and needed to get this done.

There were over 1200 individual submissions. As a result, the album was split into two on facebook.  If you’re curious and have some time, go check them out! Here’s a link: Self-Portrait and click on one of the birds holding a sign to see an album.


3 thoughts on “Framer’s Friday: Self-Portrait

  1. I love this pic, and the creativity behind it! The black shirt was a great choice, as it brings out the silver in your hair. The combo really sets it apart from the backdrop. I wouldn’t have noticed your eyebrows if you hadn’t mentioned it, and it’s not that noticeable.

    I can’t figure out what the book on top is?

    I have every confidence that you can achieve your goals. You are an inspiration to me.

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