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“Pawtrait” Rejects

These were all taken during the week of 52Frames: Portrait challenge.  I love each one of them for different reasons and they were rejected for a variety of reasons.  Enjoy.

This was a wonderful picture of Abby; but, she was too relaxed and her eyes were slightly unfocused (my bad).  It just didn’t capture the essence of her in my humble opinion as she is often full of intensity (wildness).  Don’t get me wrong, she is a sweet adorable cat when she wants to be.

By this time, Gracie had turned around, was done and vocally letting me know. She left a split second after this shot. I didn’t like the fact her tail was not showing (wrapped around the other side of her).

Surprisingly, one of her pictures did make the submission.

“I love you. Thank you for the good eats. Slurp.”

Abby does this slow blink infrequently and humans typically attach “I love you” to this behavior.  But, this is not what it truly means.  It’s a behavior among cats to express unthreatening behavior.  In other words, they are not threatening the other cat. When Abby does this with me, she is expressing her trust in me and she is feeling relaxed and happy. However, this look was not what I was shooting for.



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