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FMF: Repeat

Most of life is routine – dull and grubby, but routine is the momentum that keeps a man going. If you wait for inspiration you’ll be standing on the corner after the parade is a mile down the street.
~ Ben Nicholas ~

Every Monday morning seems to be the same ol’ same ol’ routine unless I am sick and then things tend to get delayed.  But, it’s the same, more or less.   And, it’s my day off.  At the very least, I do not cook dinner.

I tend to wake up, lay in bed and groan. And this is around 5:30 (now 4:30 due to the time change) in the mornings. I would often take a single Excedrin because I feel bad physically.  Often, I will try to go back to sleep and fail. I usually end up laying there for about 20 or 30 minutes hoping the pill would kick in. More often than not, I will become functional and thank God for a brand new day.

I get up, put on some long PJ pants, and when it’s cold, I exchange my short sleeve PJ shirt for a long sleeved one.  I then head down the hallway for the kitchen, fill up my up my old-timey big thermos mug with water, gather up my vitamins along with my breakfast bar.  I sit down at the kitchen table and write down in my bullet journal the things I must do, such as ‘finances’ (bills, budget, etc., and etc.), for the day.

I then head for the couch to get on the laptop.  I often eat while I write.   I always write first before getting online to do the weekly finances and then I play on social media.

Lather, Rinse and Repeat. Weekly.

Every Monday is a brand new beginning and yet, it rarely changes especially in the mornings.




9 thoughts on “FMF: Repeat

  1. Your bullet journal is inspiring. Though I’ve made several attempts at a Bullet Journal, I haven’t quite been able to get it together and struggle between putting everything into one, or having separate journals for different things. I’m interested in what you have found works for you, as far as Bullet Journals. I’m also curious to know if you still do a Flylady Control Journal, or if you have integrated the Flylady stuff into your Bullet Journal?

    1. I’ve fallen off the bandwagon concerning Flylady. All of FlyLady would be incorporated into the bullet journal. In fact, I have a weekly modified simplified Flylady schedule that I created and use to help me along with the must-do chores every day. It’s stashed in the front inside flap of the journal and carried over to a new journal when the old one is filled. I refer to the tracker and write down stuff I need to do for that day along with anything else that comes to mind including things I want to do. It’s a perfect system for someone like me at this moment.

      With that said, bullet journalling is not for everyone. Some just cannot stand the idea of putting everything into one source. There must be a source for each different purpose. I don’t mind having everything in one journal. No more misplaced lists or specific journals for me. Some just cannot stand the idea of not completing a task on the list. I love the BuJo’s idea of migrating or discarding a task on the list. It’s still marked in some shape or form. Even the started but not completed tasks are marked.

      Well, you got me going. LOL. I’ll be quiet now. 🙂

      1. Thank you for weighing in and answering my question. I wanted to hear everything you have to say on the subject because we are similar in so many things. No apologies needed.

        I’m thinking I need to do the Bullet Journal exactly like the original guy suggested and give it 1-3 months to see how it works (without getting frustrated or side-tracked with all of the different trackers and layouts that others have come up with.) Because I am so scattered and have so many areas of interest, having a separate source for each is overwhelming. I think this might work for me if I can get past the urge to want to ‘group’ like things in one place.

        Flylady would say that there is no ‘Bandwagon’. LOL. I’m laughing, because I have used that exact same phrase so many times in reference to Flylady. Her basic info and ideas resonate with me, and she has helped me a lot. I recall you writing recently about routines, and some other things that tell me that you are still putting her ideas into practice, as you said, in a way that works for you. I can easily see how it would be easy to integrate her ideas into the Bullet Journal. I was just curious about how you were dealing with it. I’ll probably want to hang on to some of the Flylady lists I use, and refer to them in making ‘to do’s’ as you do.

        Confession–I’m sort of hanging on to the tailgate of the bandwagon right now, with my feet flying off the ground as I hold on for dear life. 🙂 Some days, I slack more than others, but some days, my sink shines and my routines are in place. 🙂 It’s all still there, and I know what to do.

        I am in awe with what you accomplish, knowing how bad you often feel, and especially how you have stuck with certain things, like writing and photography.

      2. At least, you’re hanging on! I’ve let go. LOL. 🙂 My house is in shambles. The cats have taken over with packing paper and boxes. The sink is cruddy. But, the dishes are clean and so are we including clothes. 🙂 I plan to get back on track someday in the distant future. Right now, it’s not important to me. I’m making an effort to get to a better mental me. 🙂

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. I admire you for writing first before you do other things; unfortunately I mostly end up trying to fit writing in the cracks, which isn’t always a key to productivity.

    Jeannie (#46 in the FMF linkup this week)

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