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Write 31 Days: Close (Day 31)

This is the last day of the writing challenge that happens every October. I enjoyed pursuing this endeavor even though I suffered from writer’s block several times.  I am not sure if I will do this again next year.  We shall see when the time comes around again.
divider-clipart-divider_line_med“I open at the close” is the first phrase that popped into my mind upon reading today’s word prompt.  It’s a phrase that appears in one of the Harry Potter books. It appeared on a snitch he captured in a game of Quidditch.  The phrase meant the snitch will open when Harry faces,  resolves, and accepts the fact that he must die.  More importantly, it was also a beginning which led to the demise of Voldemort (evil).

I really like the phrase “I open at the close” for personal reasons.

We all will face death someday.  I’m am terrified of the unknown(s).  However, I have faith at the close of life, my soul will leave this imperfect body and head for sweet Beulah Land — that home I’m longing for.  Death will be the closing of life on earth and a new beginning in Heaven.
divider-clipart-divider_line_medI know I have a weird sense of thinking. My logic and thoughts often meander and are far-fetched; but, it works perfectly for me.

In closing, I hope by starting and finishing this writing for 31 days challenge, I’ve improved as a “writer”.  And, in return, you all got to know me just a little better.  The regular schedule of Five Minute Fridays, on Mondays, will now return.




2 thoughts on “Write 31 Days: Close (Day 31)

  1. I, for one, enjoyed reading your posts! …very much. I do feel I know you a bit better, and I think on this blog, in general, I’ve noticed more freedom in your writing…a better flow…not sure how to describe it, but I think you can take heart that your writing is improving (not that it was bad before.) I’m excited or you, actually. 🙂 I like to write, but I can never stick with it. This blog, and you sharing more of your struggles and seeing you push through is encouraging and inspiring.

    Congratulations of seeing this writing challenge to the end! You are awesome. 🙂 Don’t ever doubt that.

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