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Write 31 Days: Voice (Day 30)

Voice in the Wilderness or a lone voice in the wilderness is an English idiom for someone who expresses an idea or opinion that is not popular or that the individual is the sole person expressing that particular opinion with the suggestion that the opinion is then ignored. ~ The Free Dictionary ~

divider-clipart-divider_line_medCould you be a voice in the wilderness?  This phrase came straight out of the Bible in the Old Testament and is referencing John the Baptist.  His proclamations were at odds with the Pharisees and the Sadducees of his time.  He boldly prepared the way for the Son of God.

It seems like today’s world has gone mad.  If you give voice to (or support for) an unpopular opinion, you will be attacked with words or worst.   The Pharisees and the Sadducees of today’s world are behind emotionally driven pathos instead of logical reasoning.

Could I be a voice in the wilderness and write/say the things I believe in or strongly feel about?  I’m open-minded with an open heart, willing to learn, and discuss subjects. However, I deeply dislike hateful arguments or fights. In other words, words (and more) being used as weapons instead of reasoning.

With the voices of the majority today being so hateful calling names towards those daring to speak up using logic and research and/or refusing to open their mind and heart to other possibilities, I’d have to say at this moment I cannot be a voice in the wilderness.

It’s my open heart which prevents me. My love for others is too great. I do not desire to offend with my words. And, words can cut me deeply.  In spite of this, I still long to be a voice in the wilderness. Maybe someday I can be the voice.




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