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Write 31 Days: Comfort (Day 8)

I realize that the theme of the prompts is “my story”.  Well, as disjointed my writings seem to be, there is a common theme. It’s me.  Every piece makes up a part of me.  And hopefully, by the end of this month, you’ll have gotten to know me better.

divider-clipart-divider_line_medMy everyday clothes are not typical of many women.  I tend to throw on t-shirts and jeans shorts when I go out.  In the wintertime, it’s long-sleeved shirts and jeans.  For as long as I can remember, it’s been comfort over fashion.  I don’t even like heels. I preferred sneakers. If had I had to wear shoes, I wore flats or very low heels.

My husband and I went to a Fall Festival held on the grounds of a Catholic church  at a nearby city.    I have never gone before to one as they never appealed to me.  We went primarily for the local car show and tamales.  I love tamales and was craving some as I hadn’t had any for eons.

I didn’t even think about what I wore.    If I was going to a party, social event, etc., and etc., I’d dress up.  But, this was a Fall festival and I just assumed casual. Not a single woman, except for volunteers, was wearing a t-shirt at this event.  They all wore nice shirts/blouses and skirts/pants. Even the men seemed to a little dressed up.

I felt a little underdressed and out of place.   But, I was determined to get me some tamales!
divider-clipart-divider_line_medI think I will remember to dress up just a tad should we ever go to another Fall Festival.  They tend to be provided by Catholic Churches on Sundays around here.




One thought on “Write 31 Days: Comfort (Day 8)

  1. Tamales sound amazing, right now. That perfect texture – yum! I generally prefer to go places a little underdressed, rather than overdressed. I’m just more comfortable that way. Although dressing up a bit now and then does feel good.

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