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A Place in the World

My heart really belongs at the beach… or at the river… Any place by a body of water… But, I have not been to the beach in eons… We are going camping by a river soon.  In the meantime, what do I do for the challenge now?

Note: click on the pictures to get a larger image.  You’ll see the wildflowers and more on the land better.


We searched for over two years before finding this place where I am content and at peace.   Wildflowers are abundant.  This time of the year is coreopsis (two varieties) and wild sunflowers.  We have a few fire wheels too — more than last year which makes me happy.  On the left are wild grapes growing on the fence.  The two small trees are pecans (different varieties) we are nurturing.  The big tree in the back is the boundary of our land.


If you pan to the right of the first picture, you’ll see my garden and more wildflowers.  Again, the big trees are the boundary of the land. By the way, wild grapes are growing on those trees too.


Place in the World Photography Challenge

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