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Twist on Rise/Set Photo Challenge


Today’s photography challenge is supposed to be Rise/Set.   I procrastinated.  The weather was horrid.  I’m too busy gardening among other things.  I do not have any recent sunrise or sunset pictures. I know. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

I did not want to skip a week as attempting a weekly photography challenge is a personal goal of mine.  So, I am using the above snapshot instead to explain one of my excuses.  It’s a twist on the Rise/Set challenge. Ha!

I often rise before the darkness lifts.  I was outside at dawn to check on the garden and it was glorious.  A heavy dew was all over the land.  I had to wait until my basil and parsley plants were dry to harvest some of the herbs.  I processed a total of eleven trays of parsley and four trays of basil.  This effort is time-consuming as I have to rinse, pick or cut the leaves from the stems/branches, and arrange them on the trays.

I will soon be harvesting some rosemary, thyme and maybe even chives.  This kind of effort (harvesting, dehydrating, canning, and more) makes me feel good.

So, as you can see, I’m busy.

I need to write down some of these challenges I “failed” to achieve.  I can attempt to do the challenges while I’m camping at Garner (May/June).  No promises; but, I think it’d be fun to try.


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