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My Story Book


I realize many people use photographs shot in the distant past for the challenges. I prefer to be present (or current) doing these endeavors in order to constantly improve my skill set.

This was not an easy challenge for me to work on.  I almost did not participate as I am so busy gardening among other things.  However, an idea came to me yesterday afternoon.  I went about taking pictures and creating the pictorial collage today.  Creating the above image was a challenge in itself!  I taught myself quickly with the help of the software and Google.  I am not going to lie, the software is a pain-in-you-know-what.

Every picture within the image (collage) tells you a little about me.  One of the pictures even gives you an extra clue.  Since you cannot see the image well, click on the image itself to get a larger version.  Hopefully, this will help you find what I am referring to.


Story Photography Challenge

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