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Tour Guide {Photo Challenge}


A ghost bank exists 3.5 miles down the highway and is approximately a 5-minute drive from our house. It was a perfect foggy and misty day when I explored this spot for the very first time.  The walls of this old bank are still standing and a tumbled down structure a few hundred feet away still give evidence that this once was a thriving place.


The safe is still standing intact within the structure.   I wondered who used this bank and how did they live back in the old days.  And, I  wondered was there ever a bank robbery? Yes, I get strange thoughts.


The view from within was spectacular.  I forced my husband to move his truck out of view just to get this shot… My photography does not do this place justice.


Across the road from the bank was an old falling down structure that appealed to my heart.  I have always loved old buildings and towns.  It often makes me sad to see them go to rack and ruin.

There were no fence or signs around this building.  So, my husband and I bravely explored this structure. We discovered that it once was a church as it held a baptismal.  It made me feel melancholy.

So, where is this spot on earth?

A terrible recent historical event happened within this community that shocked me to the core, rocked our nation, and placed it on the map.


It’s Sutherland Springs, Texas. The site of a recent church massacre where 26 people were killed and 20 survived. The community is still reeling, hurting and recovering from this terrible event.

As for me, I do not think I will ever be the same. I could not believe this kind of thing could ever happen so close to us.  And yet, the evidence is there for all to see as they drive by on Hwy 87.

Tour Guide
{Photography Challenge}


  1. First State Bank of Sutherland Springs 
  2. Sutherland Springs, Texas: Saratoga on the Cibolo
  3. Sutherland Springs church shooting

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